Sunny Southport is the ideal location for a UK break

Sunny Southport is the ideal location for a UK break

Jun 22

Southport has spent many years in Blackpool’s shadow, but following a marketing campaign it has re-branded itself as “England’s Classic Resort” and become known as more upmarket coastal destination.

Whatever you’re wanting from your seaside break, Southport has it all. Southport Beach is located just a short walk away from the town centre and has a Pier with Victorian arcade machines, and the town is about a 20 minute drive away from Formby with its pine woods and sand dunes,

Southport is also well known for its golf. The Royal Birkdale has hosted the Open on a number of occasions and there are also courses in town centre.

If you love to shop, the resort has plenty of shops, from high street names to smaller boutique shops, with a number of them located on the charming Lord Street. Lord Street is said to have been the inspiration for the boulevards of Paris after a visit to the town by Napoleon.

In the evening, there are plenty of restaurants to visit and a number of bars and pubs where you can enjoy a drink to round off your day in sunny Southport.

Are you in need of a holiday? Here are the Top 3 holiday destinations for 2017

Are you in need of a holiday? Here are the Top 3 holiday destinations for 2017

Jan 20

When exactly was the last time you went on holiday? Yeah, got you thinking now haven’t I? Well if it was a fairly long time ago then why don’t you look into going away sometime this year? Instead of booking last minute holidays for you and your family why not plan a trip away now and then you can rest easy knowing that you have a trip booked and paid for and then you’ll just need to worry about booking off the days from work. Anyhow, here are our Top 3 holiday destinations:

1. Turkey

Turkey is becoming ever more popular as a holidaying destination amongst Brits and other people from around the world. Located in the South – Eastern parts of Europe it undoubtedly gets a lot of sunshine for the majority of the year and is full of British holiday makers as the destination has become ever more popular in recent years. Cheap holidays to Turkey are a good money saver if you do fancy Turkey with your family.

2. Egypt

Egypt, the North African country is a very popular destination with many European tourists, especially seeing as the Pyramids are there and there is also the likes of the sphinx there. Obviously there’s the city of Cairo, Egypt’s capital and possibly one of the busiest cities in the North of Africa. If you’d quite like to experience the hustle and bustle of a big city, then Cairo is definitely one of the places you should look at visiting with all the culture that is encapsulated within the city. If you would like to take a bit of a different approach to Egypt then why not look into some cheap cruise holidays around the Egyptian coast, because cheap holidays to Egypt aren’t hard to come by then you have the choice of whether you would like to go for a cruise or on a proper holiday.

3. Spain

Spain is a very popular European holidaying destination. With plenty of places around Europe owned by Spain, like the Canary Islands; Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura and finally the big one, the one that every young person knows about the island of Ibiza. Known for its massive night clubs and its general party atmosphere, the island of Ibiza gets thousands upon thousands of visitors from all around Europe every year, mainly in the summer, but they definitely do get one of the largest amounts of young people visiting the island every year. There are plenty of cheap holidays to Spain available to young people, and of course you old timers out there who fancy maybe a long weekend away or a week or two in the sun.

With any one of these destinations you are sure to have one of the best holidays you will ever have as they are all equally good destinations and obviously there are different things to do in each one of the cities depending on what you want to do. One thing to be sure about is you’ll enjoy yourself!

Tourism Numbers Are Down, Will The Travel Industry Survive?

Tourism Numbers Are Down, Will The Travel Industry Survive?

Dec 09
Terminal 2 at Manchester International Airport...

Image via Wikipedia

Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have highlighted a reduction in the number of people travelling to and from the UK in the first 9 months of 2016.

Taken from a random selection of travellers entering and leaving the UK by sea, air and via the Channel Tunnel, figures provided to the ONS from the International Passenger Survey show an overall drop in both passenger numbers and the amount spent.

In September, 2.48 million visits to the UK were made compared with nearly 2.56 million in September 2009, the Office for National Statistics said.

Get the Best UK Vacation Packages

Get the Best UK Vacation Packages

Dec 08
Holiday Cottage - Welcome In!

Image by Caro's Lines via Flickr

These cottages are located amidst natural beauty and so soothe the mind of the persons. They offer spacious rooms with luxurious environment around. The food available is of the high standards and matches the taste of home made food. So you would be home away from home.

Even these cottages have swimming pools to refresh your body. Not only for short breaks but these cottages are fit for spending a long vacation also. The attractive packages offered here would certainly suit your pockets. So one can thoroughly enjoy their break within the budget at these unbeatable places. So why look for other options when the best is at your disposal.

Pack your bags and get ready to enjoy your vacation at holiday cottages Somerset & holiday cottages Derbyshire. Don’t forget to carry your cameras to capture the precious moments spend at this holiday cottage. Fun interweaved with relaxation is what you would get here.

Latest UK Defecit News

Latest UK Defecit News

Dec 07
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 - David Cameron, Le...

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A new austerity drive is sweeping across Europe, as governments struggle to trim huge budget deficits and the 16-nation eurozone races to reassure sceptical markets.

So far the biggest protests have been seen in Greece, but major strikes are making headlines elsewhere too.

This is the latest news as to the measures that the new government is taking.

The new UK coalition government has announced £6.2bn (7.2bn euros) of savings in 2016-2017, making it clear that this is just the first step in an austerity drive aimed at cutting the huge deficit of £156bn, which is above 11% of GDP.

How to Get Auto Insurance in Florida for UK Vacation Home Owners

How to Get Auto Insurance in Florida for UK Vacation Home Owners

Dec 03
Mangroves at Sunset - Key Largo, Florida

Image by Daniel Peckham via Flickr

Everyone loves to take vacations to the best places in the world. And one of the best places for UK vacationers is Florida. The sun, sand, and friendly people all call out to those who are looking for a relaxing and fun time by the sea. And for those who are lucky enough to own a vacation home in Florida, they will need to think about more than just having a good time while on vacation.

In order to get around the town or city, many of these vacationers look for auto insurance in Florida for UK vacation home owners to purchase in order to be able to operate a vehicle around the area where their home is located. This is similar to getting any other type of auto insurance in your own country, but there are a few more requirements that need to be met before a UK vacationer can get auto insurance in Florida.

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