Teeth Capping

Teeth Capping

Nov 15

If your tooth is decayed or chipped, there are a few options you may choose like an inlay or filling. If your tooth is too decayed to hold a filling or inlay, or if it is too chipped to fill using other composite bonding methods, you may choose to have the tooth capped by a cosmetic dentist. You may be trying to decide if you need a dental crown. A crown is needed or preferred when you have a large cavity and would prefer a crown to have more protection for that tooth, if you grind your teeth, if you just had a canal surgery and need to provide extra strength for the tooth, or if you have acidic erosion from a poor diet and have no other choice but to cap the tooth.

An alternative to the traditional silver cap, some dentists offer natural looking porcelain cap. Crowns aren’t the best decision for improving the aesthetics of the tooth because the dentist must first remove a portion of the tooth by grinding or filing it down. Caps, however, provide more strength for a weak or eroded tooth than veneers or dental bonding since these options are only as strong as the tooth itself. Dental crowns require as much attention and care as your natural teeth and on permanent teeth may last as long as ten to fifteen years for high quality materials.

When deciding on the correct dental correction tool, speak with your dentist so that all options are open and evaluated.


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